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    DirecTV "Your TV or its cables are not HD!" problem after HR-24 Receiver Update


      A recent update to my DirecTV receiver removed the SD guide while the DirecTV is setup to output a HD signal on another output. Instead, users see a message reading "Your TV or its cables are not HD! > On the remote control, press and hold down the EXIT key until you see a confirmation that your receiver has been set for standard definition." This is a problem for anybody who has an SD-only slingbox, or who is using the SD output from their DirecTV receiver that recieved the HD guide update (Commentary: This is a totally bogus update that is entirely unneccessary--They could downsample the guide easily!). The problem is this: Holding down EXIT on slingplayer doesn't emulate the action of holding down EXIT on the DirecTV remote, and as such, if you leave on a trip for a week and forget to switch your receiver to SD before you go, you won't be able to see any user interface on the receiver through Slingplayer.

      I was hoping you guys could reply with a way around this problem. The easiest I've heard requires paying for a separate box to convert the Component output of your DirecTV box to S-Video. The cheapest I've seen these boxes for are $70-100, which isn't an option for me.

      Is there any chance we can get an update for the remote codes that allows users to hold down EXIT on the DirecTV slingbox remote?