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    NEW PASSWORD- -Slingbox won't work


      Due to a Hacker accessing our Address Book and sending out Viagra ads in my name, I contacted SBC-YAHOO & went through the agony of changing both my.....Primary account, and my wife 'sub primary' accounts Passwords on SBC.
      When that was done,successfully, when I accessed my e-mail on my iPad, I then had to change to the new Password on the iPad to access e-mail,which when I did accessed perfectly. BUT,in trying to use my trusty Slingbox............ZILCH!!       NADA!!

      so evidently there is someway I have to change PASSWORD to view my trusty,valued,Slimgbox.

      HJRevord, Slingbox Pro HD 0326-2011-10-31-903-1539 from Best Buy 10/31/2011, their order 11948282.