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    Perpetual Set Up


      I have been having a problem with the Slingplayer desktop app for 2 years now. I bought myself a Slingbox M350 when I got my Amazon Fire TV. The 350 works great with the Fire TV and my phone, but it made me install the new slingplayer desktop app, and I gotta say, what a piece of **** this thing is.


      Every time the app loads, it asks me to configure my slingbox. Every single time, I'll complete the configuration, watch tv for a bit, then the app will freeze up, or display 10,000 commercials until it freezes up, and then when it reloads, it wants to run the configuration again.


      I haven't been able to watch tv on my desktop or laptop for 2 years, the very reason I bought the Slingbox. What happened? The old app was amazing. Why did you mess it up so badly?