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    Slingbox not working


      Hi - I fear I know the answer to this but I am clutching at straws!


      My slingbox has stopped working I have a slingbox classic, which is obviously quite old, but it has stopped workin wont turn on, no lights on, no TV.


      I have tried the power pack on another item and this works so I know power is getting to it.


      Does anyone have any bright ideas of things I can try?


      in hope and desperation



        • Re: Slingbox not working

          Hello stuent,


          I noticed that your Slingbox is not turning on. Even though you tried the AC adapter on another device and it worked, the issue might be caused by the power supply unit. Just call us! We want to help you fix it.


          Go to this  page and check the  contact widget on the right side for the appropriate toll-free  number  for your area.


          Contact Sling Media Support