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    Sling mobile for Nokia N97


      I think it's great that Sling Player Mobile is coming out with a version for android...and they have it for Iphone...But what about the N97?  It's not that different then the N96 or the N95 8gb...It almost works on the phone...but there are some errors...Is sling player mobile ever going to be updated for Nokia N97 or even the up and coming Nokia N8?

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          Agree... I had Slingplayer with the N95-3 and I thought they would surely make a slingplayer for the N97.  All there has been since June of last year has been rumors but nothing official.

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              I 'm in the same situation.

              Something very strange what now happens is that I have the old symbian (1.0) s.w. installed on my N97 and when I want to use it get's the message that new s.w. is available also for the N97 but how to download because he tells me that it's not available in my country (Holland).

              Also on the website of Slingbox they don 't say anything yet about the N 97. How can I get the 1.1 s.w. to let my (paid) program working on my N 97 ?.