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    Slingbox Solo "there was an error connecting to your slingbox"


      Okay I have owned my slingbox solo for about 2 years now. Everything was working flawlessly until a few weeks ago when it randomly stopped working. Until now I have not used it.

      I went to unplug the unit and turn it back on, it was not being recognized. So i did a factory reset and now it comes up as "My slingbox" Unconfigured.

      I click it and it loads and says there is an error connecting to it. and asks if i want to retry. Well i can click retry ten thousand times its not working.

      I have tried resetting it again and again and get the same problem.

      I have tried multiple browsers and computers and still nothing.


      Any ideas? Seems very very strange to me. Both the power and network lights are solid.


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          same happening to my slingbox solo.. can you help us guys..pls

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            I have 2 Slingbox PRO which has worked without problems for over 2 years but yesterday they stopped working.
            My netSlingplayer came up with the message (lose connection due to poor inner network connection) and it was on both boxes. then disappeared all setups on both boxes from my Sling Account and i got info about that it had found 2 new boxes.


            I would then do a reset factory settings but nothing happens when I press the reset button for 5 seconds or longer, and now they are totally dead.

            When I plug them into 220v only the power led lighting, the net led and the led next to the Slinglogo will never flash or light? and the boxes never get an ip-adress.


            As i wright, both boxes have been working for over 2 years without any problems on my 100 mb up and down  internet connection.



            I have tried to connect my Slingbokes to 4 different routers and LAN connections and they are totally dead. the led lamp on the router inputs will not even think about flashing to indicate that there is traffic on the connection.


            All this situation happened after I updated new software on the boxes via my account on Slingplayer.com so maybe there are viruses or a bugs in the softwareversion, that makes the internet connection and resetbutton to die. remember that I can't even make a reset so the boxes wil startup with the out off the box factory settings.


            Steen Svendsen



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                Hi all,


                I am experiencing exactly the same problems as Steen with my 2 slingbox SOLO boxes....I plug them in and the power LED lights up fine - but none of the other LEDs do anything and pressing the reset button seems to have absolutely no effect at all.


                The situation leading up to my boxes not working was slightly different in that mine only stopped working when I moved home and tried to set them up on the new network in my new appartment - so I don't know if that is a reason? Surely you should be able to move slingboxes from one network to another (at least by reseting?)


                Having already brought 2 boxes both of which have died outside of warranty I am extremely hesitant to buy another as it feels to me like these products might have a limited lifespan.


                Any help/thoughts would be much appreciated as the slingbox was great when it was running and I used it all the time - I just don't want to have to keep replacing them every couple of years!




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                Hi tylerm1112, this troubleshooting here may help you.


                Slingbox SOLO troubleshooting.