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    Help. Tiny picture.


      Somehow my display image is very small and I can not seem to find a way to make it normal. I've tried right clicking to find a menu solution and even tried to drag and click but not result. the worst part is that all the writing is so small now that I can barely make out what is written on the page. Please help

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          please reply if you have any suggestions

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            You probably figured this out by now after turning on the TV/DVR that you Slingbox is connected to and seeing it, too, had a tiny little picture.

            I turned on my TV after working with this problem and, low and behold, I had the same tiny picture.


            What I think happened is I clicked the Guide button on my remote while using the remote in a Slingbox session. It brings up the guide and puts the video into a little box until you exit the guide, or at least that is what is supposed to happen.  When I exited the guide in my Slingbox session on my computer, the picture stayed tiny.  I thought this was a viewing problem only in Slingbox sessions, and I worked hard to correct it, but to no avail. Then I turned on the TV, like one would on any TV that a Slingbox is not connected,, and discovered it actually was a real viewing problem, which probably was caused by using the remote in the Slingbox session.


            All I had to do was push the Guide button on my real remote, and then push the Exit button. The display returned to normal.


            Additional notes:


            1. I was using a Windows 7 64-bit computer, SP1.

            2. I was using Internet Explorer 8.

            3. I was using the latest Slingbox plug-in for Internet Explorer 8, version