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    Boxee Box slingplayer set up issues


      I have recently purchased a Slingbox  Pro HD and Boxee box;  I'm  not a techie so I apolgize in advance for the following.


      I have two questions.


      a) The slingbox is here at my main residence in Palo Alto and  the Boxee is at a vacation home 200 miles away. Right now everything is working pretty well. But in a few weeks we are moving to another house in Palo Alto; this will entail a change in home internet service etc.  So... it seems as though for some reason when you load slingplayer, be it on a laptop or Boxee, that it needs to be loaded onto a device which is on the same LAN as the slingbox, Is this true?  If so, then after we move do I need to bring the boxee back from the vacation home and reload slingplayer from my new home network, or is there away to do it from afar?


      b)  with slingplayer on my mac laptop, it is straightforward to change the video quality settings,  but with slingplayer on Boxee I have not found where to go to change the settings. I would like to play around witht he settings because right now it doesn't look all that great--  netflix via Boxee looks a lot better than slingbox.  Is this a function of my upload speed at home? (currently about 1.5 mbps;  by the way it is annoying that internet providers bundle the upload/download speeds in packages-- I would love to be able to increase the upload to 3 mbps without having to bundle that with 20 mbps download at high cost)


      Thanks for the help

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          Hi bpdouglas, here is the answer for your questions:


          About your first question, for the first time set up the Slingbox and the computer must be at the same network, once this is complete the Slingbox and it's settings will be saved and if you would like to connect from a different device in a different location all you need is the Slingplayer and your Sling Account information, the requirements for an appropriate streaming in a BoxeeBox are below:


          Slingplayer for BoxeeBox, Requirements.


          In regards of the second question you can pull up the Slingplayer settings of the BoxeeBox when you press the Space key in your remote control.