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    Pro-Hd with iPad button pushes freeze screen


      whenever i do anything with the ipad or even the iphone app every single command causes the app to bring up the circle and the video freezes for a few seconds.  This is with my ipad1 on ios 5 and my iphone 4s with ios 5.0.1  This is hooked via HD cables from my directv sat box.

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          Bazza Newbie

          Is your Slinplayer mobile starting up with HD resolution on a remote link? If it is try switching to SD standard definition. It is my belief there is a bug in the latest release of the Slingplayer Mobile app affecting connections with Slingbox Pro HD. I asked the question of Slingmedia and got silence which is usually a sign they know there is a problem. The updated Slingplayer mobile app checks the available bandwidth when it connects and the old HD/SD button is replaced by an AUTO feature so the app works with the bandwidth available to it. This seems to work fine with the Slingbox Solo but not the Pro HD. The app always starts up in HD if you connect to a Pro HD and if the bandwidth is insufficient it just defaults into rebuffering mode so controlling the source box becomes impossible unless you select SD. This is what I think you are experiencing.  Hopefully Slingmedia will release a fix but don't hold your breath, on past performance It could be a long wait.

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            Hi jmcgeejr, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Slingplayer for iPad and also that your connection meets the minimum requirements.


            Slingplayer for iPad, Requirements.



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              I am also having this same problem. Streaming is fine in HQ (with no bufferring), but EVERYTIME press a button the video pauses for 2-3 seconds. Does not appear to be a bandwidth issue.