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    Why are speeds all over the place on home network


      Any tips to help me with my home network speeding watching on my network?  Seems the speeds range from 500 kbps up to 8,000.  At 8,000 things look great, fall below 2,000 and it suffers.  Over 15 minutes of viewing it will go up to 8,000 and stay there for 5 minutes, drop down to 1,000 for 5, and then jump to a high range again.  Any idea what I can do to troubleshoot?  I like to watch on my computer as I do things in rooms other than where our cable is located.  Thanks

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          Hello vanhalen26,


          As I understand, the streaming rate on your Slingbox fluctuates between 8000 Kbps to 500 Kbps. The issue might be caused by the Internet connection that you are using for the Slingbox.


          We need you to provide further information about this issue.


          How is your Slingbox connected to the router?

          Are you using SlingLinks or an Ethernet cable?

          Do you have the same issue on different computers?

          Which is the make and model of your router?


          Make sure to provide as many details as possible, this way other Forum users will be able to help you with accurate  information.