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    My Slingbox PRO-HD failures to update 1.4.60 firmware!!


      I can watch tv through internet-viewing.

      Actually, my Slingbox PRO-HD works fine.

      Recently a firmware(1.4.60) update message has appeared.

      I did but i can't update my Slingbox PRO-HD.

      I tried to reset but still didn't work.

      It always go to 51% and quits.

      I tried to manually update but I can't find slingbox software(firmware 1.4.60)  download link on website, so I can't manually update.

      It took me hours searching on your website but nothing.

      Is there anyone who can directly give me the download link oabout the software file?

      Or tell me how to solve this kind of problem, please.

      It has bothered me for few days.