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    QAM Channels Don't Appear in Guide


      I've set up my SlingBox Pro HD to access analog and digital cable channels.  I can type in the QAM channel numbers (like 25.1) but only whole number channels appear in the Guide when I view it on my Mac, iPhone, or iPad.  Most of these channels In the guide don't even work since I don't have a cable box connected.  How can I edit the guide to include the QAM channels and to delete the over 1000 channels I don't get?  I can't even add them to favorites after tuning them in manually on the iPad, meaning I have to carry around a QAM channel list wherever I go.


      Finally, some of the lower QAM channels appear perfectly for a few seconds, but are then garbled on the SlingBox, but are fine on both of my Wal-Mart special QAM-only TVs, such as 6.1 thru 16-5, which unfortunately are all but one of the big five networks.  Does SlingBox have a bad QAM tuner?