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    Non-US software


      Hi folks,

      I have a Classic Slingbox.  I've downloaded the legacy software from the Support site, but it seems to be only for the US/Canada/Japan and some other NTSC countries, and I can't get it to give me UK options at all.

      I'm using Mac but can find a Windows computer, if necessary, to run the correctly localised Slingplayer software.  Any idea where I can get it from?


      Have had a look around the Classic area of the forum but couldn't find anything posted recently on the subject -- but apologies if this is a frequent question.



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          I should add that this is to perform the initial setup of the device.

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            What software is it you are after.


            I have the Slingplayer for Windows V2 (which was available years ago when i first got my Slingbox Classic).


            I dont think it is available from SlingMedia anymore.


            I use it (in the UK), and all worls ok apart from the TV guide, and you cannot record streams to hard disk.


            You do not need the software though to set-up your Slingbox, just go to www.slingmedia.com and create an account.


            Run through their setup assistant and it should find your Slingbox..