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    Moving out, Want to set up Sling in new house.


      Ok I am moving out this summer and want to know if I will be able to save a little dough by using my parents Charter DVR Box, hook up a Sling Pro HD to it and run it at my new place.


      What I have read:


      If I hook a Sling Box up to the Charter box I can controle the Charter box but then the box at my parents must be on the same thing.


      I think I will need some sort of Sling Catcher at my new place.


      My questions?


      Will this be possible?


      Will the Quality be good?


      What Catcher would I need?


      My Plan (if possible) :


      Charter has "satalite" boxs in wich I currently have one at my parents that I pay for, so i will hook the Sling HD to that so I wont bother any of the other TVs. at my new place I will purchase a sling catcher and hook it up to my HD TV.