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    Position of Screen Image


      I am using a Slingbox Pro HD.  One of my input sources is via my PC's video card (nVidia GE Force 8800 GT) 2nd output via DVI to Component (Red, Green, Blue) converter.  On my PC, I have the ProHD configured as a 2nd monitor that mirrors the first.


      The (slight) problem that I'm having is that the image is a little off center when viewing via SlingPlayer Software or SlingCatcher.  Basically, a small portion of the left side of the screen is cut off and there is a black area on the right.   I would like to be able to "shift" the image to the right a little to have it completely visible and centered.


      I have looked for settings in both windows and in my Video Card's configuration but haven't been able to find the option to adjust the image in the way that I'd like to.


      Any suggestions?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Byronomo,



          I'm not sure if that's an input signal problem or a display problem...



          Are you using the standalone SlingPlayer app ?  If so (and if it's a display problem) try poking around the View menu, look for a Fit TV to Window toggle along with the other settings in there.



          Can't speak to Windows, but on Mac OS X second monitors that the OS picks up as video displays usually have an Overscan toggle in the Monitors control panel.  If you have something similar, maybe shut that off ?



          If you have any other observations or details, I'd like to hear them.  You have an interesting question.



          Good luck,


          - Az