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    Slingbox classic works fine remotely, then stops, have to access internally on wifi to remote again.


      I have a slingplayer classic on a wired port on my uverse 3800hg router..

      All works fine, it setup itself (port 5001,  (and 443? weird)

      Anyway, works fine, i can access it remotely, via pc's or iphone, etc.


      I tried today, and i couldnt connect.

      I remoted into my pc at home, and looked at router config. It is still on a static ip port of

      that the setup (slingplayer) suggested.


      So, it didnt change ip's on the router...

      I access slingplayer (locally remoted into pc) and i could see the slingplayer, the tv channel etc live.


      Also , after using slingplayer on local wifi'd pc, i can get in, and now on iphone on 3g i can get in also,

      connects fine.


      Why should i have to access the slingplayer internally on wifi to cause the connection to work again?

      very weird