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    Can I get the refund


      I purchased this sling media player app on both iPad and iPhone however it only worked on iPhone. Therefore, can I get the refund for iPad?

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          Hi minghsieh,


          I understand that you want to know how to get a refund for the SlingPlayer for iPad application.


          Since these products are available (and are sold) only at the App Store, I encourage you to contact them in order to know how to request the refund. They will provide you with all the related information, according to their policies:


          Mac App Store Support


          Hope this helps.



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              Hi Slingbox,


              I too purchased the iPad App before I realised that my brand new Slingbox (SlingBox Pro) was not compatiable (DoH!), What is the process to request a refund, you say go to APple, Apple say got to the Developer (you guys !) - Catch 22.


              Can you give me anymore advice please ?


              Bes wishes



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                  I need a refund also. Pretty average that the iPad sling player works for the cheaper Solo model, but not for the Pro. Also average was the fact that this was only indicated buried in the text. How do I get a refund?

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                  From the apple store.


                  Third-Party Applications


                  To get support for other applications purchased from the Mac App Store, please contact the developer directly. The developer's contact information can be found on the Mac App Store app product page.