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    Set up of Slingbox 350 with Australian FoXTEL IQ2HD cable TV box

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      Hi there


      I live in Tokyo and have a Slingbox 350 set up in Sydney, Australia at my friend's house.  Since June 2014 I have loved having access to Australian TV via your great service.


      Two days ago however, the Slingbox suddenly stopped operating.


      We have downloaded the latest firmware update but cannot seem to pick the correct setup options for the manufacturer of the Foxtel box or the Remote option for this Slingbox 350.


      Once we go into the set up page it gives us the option of Australia, and then we have to select the name of the manufacturer and the model number.


      We pick the name Pace because we believe that is the Foxtel cable box manufacturer for the Foxtel cable IQ2HD set top box model we have.


      Would you please advise which option we should pick so that we can complete the set up and get back to watching Slingbox.


      Thanks very much for your help advance.


      Kind regards, Michael