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    Problem: Multiple taps being transmitted via IR


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD connected to a Dish Network VIP 722k DVR, and a Slingbox Solo connected to a Motorola DVR- latest firmware on Slingboxes, latest software on clients, and I'm having the same problem with both:


      When I connect to the Slingbox via iPhone (over 3G or Wifi) when I try to navigate the user interface on the DVR using the up/down/left/right navigation buttons in the Slingplayer app for iPhone, each "click" on the iPhone app often produces MULTIPLE clicks on the DVR. So, for example, I'll press the "down" button once on the iPhone app, and the DVR will react as if the "down" button has been pressed 2-3 times. This makes it very difficult to navigate. Again, this happens over 3G and Wifi on the iPhone client app. Any ideas on this? Is this a known bug, since I'm seeing it happen on two different Slingbox models connected to two different DVRs? Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions / ideas would be greatly appreciated.