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    Unable to get an HD picture on my 2nd Slingbox, Need help!


      Hello.  I will try to be as in depth as I can to get the best assistance possible from someone. 


      I bought my first Slingbox about 7-8 months ago and have it hooked up in my spare room (SB-300HD) and when I'm connected to high speed internet, the picture quality is absolutely flawless (7000-8000+kbps).   I have Verizon Fios 30MB D/30MB U speeds.  So I have no issue with that box but just wanted to make it clear that I have one that works gorgeously.


      Last week, I bought another box to send to my family back home (1,000 miles away) so that I could watch some home programming such as news and things only shown there.  They hooked it up and it works but the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired.  My internet is much better than theirs is but my dad is a senior cable tech so he knows what he's doing and told me their internet is 10-15MB D/U so it should be able to handle this no problem, should it not?


      It's topping out at about 3400kbps.  So the quality is nice but not nearly as good as it could/should be for the SB-300HD box that I have.   My question is, is there anything else that I can do to get this running better?


      He was having issues setting it up initially because when running through the tuner/setup, his modem wasn't listed.  Apparently it's one issued by the company directly,  It's an Arris TG852G.


      I tried to explain the port forwarding thing to him which I'm not sure he ever did but I guess I'm just trying to get some assistance from someone here so that I could perhaps help him get this thing working like the one I have here in my home.


      Anything would be appreciated.


      Thank You.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I typically get 8000 kbps (as you do) when watching my SB from a computer within the same local area network as the SB.   In this case, the streaming signal is only being transferred through my router, and not through my modem or the Internet at large.   But when watching my SB from any location OUTSIDE of my LAN -- even if it just a test connection from my neighbor's computer network, I never achieve speeds higher than 3,000 kbps, and more typically the speeds are between 1,000 and 2,000 kbps.    Theoretically, my DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem should be able to deliver much faster speeds than this, and visits to bandwidth testing sites such as www.bandwidthplace.com indicate that my upload speeds should be up to 4000 kbps.   But I simply do not achieve this fast of a speed for video streaming.


          You might look at "bandwidth speed optimization" websites such as www.speedguide.net for tips on how you might be able to increase the speeds for your viewing computer, but I generally find that it is the UPLOAD speed of the network where my SB is physically located (and not the DOWNLOAD speed of my viewing computer) that is the controlling factor on the speed of my streaming.   And the total upload speed from SB to viewing computer may also be influenced by all of the intermediate points in Internet Land that the data pass through -- and over which you may not have any control.