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    Slingbox setup


      Ok, so I bought my Slingbox here in the US. But, I installed it at my sisters house in Japan so I can watch Japanese TV.

      Problem 1: I can only input US Zipcodes even if I configure the box via the Japanese site... How can I get the Japanese zip code to be accessible for the program guide?


      Problem 2: I attached the antenna cable, but the slingbox is not recognizing the digital Japanese channels coming across from the antenna cable. But, I can watch it from the Japanese DVR I have hooked up to the slingbox.


      Problem 3: Which isn't a problem. The slingbox has brought us great pleasure in being able to watch Japanese TV live. Look forward to using the Slingbox over the next 20 or 30 years..

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          cjiwa Newbie

          I have a Slingbox Pro HD set up for my husband to watch in Japantoo and the Japanese EPG is not available. When you set up the Slingbox it asks you for which country the Slingbox is located and if you enter Japan you will see that no program guide is available. We get around this by attaching the Slingbox to a DVR that does have a program guide and control and record programs from there. Just be sure to get a DVR that has a remote control available on the SlingPlayer otherwise it can be tricky. Ours works very well now and my husband is very happy to be able to watch Japanese television when we are in the US.

          Hope this helps.