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    Slingplayer Mobile on ipad will only load 49 channels...why?


      When I look at the channel guide, and I scroll down it does not scroll past channel 49.  How do I scroll thru ALL the channels?  I can still punch in ANY channel # to get to it...but if I can't scroll thru all of them, then I can't add any of those channels to My Favorites.


      Can anyone help me with that and how I might be able to load all the channels?  They all show up on my computer watching the Slingbox thru there and then to our TV.




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          Hi Gregsussi,


          I understand that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for iPad application, since you are not able to get all of the channels on the Program Guide.


          As the first step, I recommend you uninstall and reinstall the SlingPlayer for iPad application. If you do not know how to, feel free to check this link:


          Uninstall and reinstall of SlingPlayer iPad, iPhone, iPod touch


          Once you reinstall this application, I encourage you to run the AV source configuration one more time and make sure to select the specific cable service provider (according to the Zip Code of the Slingbox location). This way, you should be able to get the right channel line up.


          Let us know how it works for you.