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    Very low wirless speed within home network on my iPad.


      I have a Slingbox AV that I would like to use to watch my Direct TV in another room using Airplay to an Apple TV.

      It worked very well with my Macbook or Windows PC streaming at ~3000 kbps wirelessly. So I bought the iPhone slingplayer and connected to my account. I can watch TV but the best speed I can get is 568 kbps.(only 1 green dot)  I am using an Apple Airport Extreeme for my home wireless network.and have set it up for internet viewing (with port mapping of 5001), which works within the limits of my upload speed (less than 568 kbps) but I really hoped to get way better speed at home.


      I realize the AV is no longer supported but If I can stream at 3000 kbps w/ my Macbook, why would the iPad not be able to get close?


      Then when I tried to use Airplay to my Apple TV, only the audio streams, not the video! ( I did update the firmwear on the Apple TV)

      Any Ideas? or "known issues" so I don't keep banging my head against a wall?


      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          I'm having the exact same issue.   If I connect to my Slingbox Pro using the browser plugin on my laptop, I get speeds in excess of 5000 kbps.  On my iPhone 4S, I can use a speed test application to verify that I'm getting over 25000 kbps to my phone - from outside of my network (I have Verizon FiOS).  However, in the SlingPlayer app on my iPhone (with wireless data disabled, so I'm sure I'm connected via wifi), I only get about 580 kbps max.


          I've seen several threads on this topic, but not one has provided any real answers, other than blaming the users' network configuration.  I'm convinced there's a problem in the app itself, or in its connection to the Slingbox.  Can someone shed some light on this problem?