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    No internet


      Get message can not connect to Internet. All connections are good. Where to now?

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          Hi raybo,

          It seems that you are having some issues in order to get the connection to your Slingbox since you get the "No Internet" service.


          We recommend you to provide further information, since the provided details are not enough. Network layout, Slingbox connections, Slingbox lights status and other information are important details to include. This way, other forum users will provide you with accurate answers.



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              I am getting a similar error now that the firmware in my SB Solo was updated.


              I have been using v of the Mobile Palyer on an HP iPaq 211 Enterprise PDA for several years, and now it no longer connects to my Slingbox. If I install v 2.x, I get a connection briefly, then it crashes.


              I also have the player on an older HP iPaq hx2795, and it also no longer can connect.


              Nothing has changed on my home network...and FYI...I am a Net Admin for a major East coast university, so I know what I am doing in that regard.


              I use the iPaq 211 extensively for TV connection when traveling, and the loss of connectivity now is really annoying. I have an Android phone with the player on, and it works, but the screen on my iPaq is far superior to the phone, and therefore I prefer to use the iPaq.


              Is there any way to downgrade the firmware on the Slingbox?



              Thanks for any assistance you can provide.