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    Constant W202 Issues in Safari 5.1.2 with SlingPlayer Plugin


      I am having constant W202 errors ever since I installed the latest plugin issued via SlingPlayer_Plugin_3.3.12.232.dmg for Apple Safari 5.1.2.  I am 100% sure that Internet viewing is set-up correctly because I have been managing my Slingbox set-up since December 2009 with 2 years of successful Internet viewing via computer and now iPhone and iPad.


      Local network connection to my Slingbox achieves >8000kbps with no issues but remote connections to my Slingbox via my computer will not even exceed 904kbps and will not last for more than a few minutes before disconnecting.  I've tested computer download capacity of 21.15Mbps on the receiving side computer so the speed of the Internet connection should not be at fault here.


      Slngbox is Pro-HD with latest firmware 2.1.350 (dated 11/21/2011)


      Any ideas?