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    Chipmunk voices on non-HD channels


      Has anyone had a problem with their PRO-HD audio on non-HD channels?  As long as I'm watching a HD channel, everything works fine.  When I tune to a non-HD channel, everyone sounds like chipmunks.  Is there some setting to adjust this?

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          I am having the Chipmunk issue but on all channels, not just HD on slingbox 500.  I have been using Slingbox since 2004 and this is my 3rd slingbox.  I now have the slingbox 500 and I know all the cables are tight and there is no setup issue.  I have been watching my slingbox 500 since October and it has worked fine till today, now I am getting the "Chipmunk sound" issue.  Please advise? (ps, the audio is more than a little bit distorted.  All sounds come through like Alvin and the Chipmunks are talking.)  The streaming bitrate is 1500 Kb/second and the video is fine.  I tried changing the quality to lowest settings and auto.  I tried restarting the slingplayer several times.  Not working.  I am getting this issue from my PC on a wired network and from my Android phone on the Sprint Network, bot issues are new today.  Worked fine yesterday and worked fine while inside my home network connected to the slingbox yesterday.