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    Video only mode not available?


      Can you set the web based viewer to a video only mode to just have a resizable small screen showing?  With my older Slingbox AV and the Windows based Slingplayer I could switch to video only mode to only see the video and no other controls, text, etc.  This worked great at work as you could resize it to a small window and watch it while doing work like using a spreadsheet.   Although the web player has the pop-up mode which is resizable you cannot seem to set it to just show the video - too much extra junk on the screen taking up space.  I hope someone can help otherwise I just wasted $299 on this "upgrade."

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hello nergmorts,


          At this point in time the Web based Slingplayer is unable to be switched to "video only" mode. Just as a suggestion, you could re-size the window your using to view your Slingbox in and move that around just like the pop-out window from our Windows based Slingplayer.


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              I hope that "at this point in time" means that you will be adding back this facility in the future! Because of its absence, I'm reinstalling the "legacy" version of the player.
              I don't really understand the suggested workaround - the pop-out player is a feature of the web player not the old one, and resizing the window won't get rid of the window frame and address bar