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    Script Error


      I just got a new Slingbox Pro-HD.  After I plugged it into the network, and ran the slingplayer, I got an script error.  What shoud l do?




      - Johnny

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          Can anyone help?  I got a script error on line 35, Char 13, "The value of the property 'onLoad' is null or undefined, not a Function object.  Code 0.


          The URL is http://services.sling.com/setupassistant/intro.html.


          After I hit "Yes" or "No" to continue runing the scripts, next window said "We're sorry!  We're current updating our service to make it better for you.  Please run the Setup Assistant later by choosing Setup Assistant from the Setting menu within SlingPlayer.


          I have been getting this error for few days trying to setup my new Pro HD.


          Thanks for any help!


          - Johnny

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            Hi tanww888,


            I see that you are having difficulties setting up the Slingbox using the SlingPlayer Desktop. This software is no longer developed by Sling Media, due to this situation you need to use Setup on Slingbox.com in order to configure the Slingbox.


            Try it out and let us know if it works,