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    HDS-600RS viewing on another TV


      Just bought the Echostar HDS-600RS to hopefully replace Sky+ HD and so far it looks great and has almost everything I will need. However, with Sky, we are able to connect a distribution amp to the analogue aerial and view Sat channels on other TV's as well as operate a remote using Magic eye adapters.


      Although I can watch Tv on a PC or iPhone with the Slingplayer feature, can anyone advise what to do to view Freesat channels on several TV's in the house. I have Apple TV boxes in 2 rooms, but they require either an iPad or iPhone to be connected to the HDS-600RS all the time, not ideal.

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          You can't do this with the HDS-600RS out of the box as it has no modulator. You would need to add a modulator and drive it from one of the SCART outputs, and for remote control you would need a separate device like a Powermid or something. It can be done and it will work but not sure how expensive it will be. Modulators used to be a couple of quid as a component (and can be salvaged from old VCRs). They can be directly driven by the SCART outputs, and just need a power supply. But now they have become a consumer item put in a nice box they can be £20-£40. Powemids are about £25 a pair. For my money I might be tempted to put that towards another HDS-600RS (especially seeing as Amazon have them at £179!).


          One other solution might be to fit a quad LNB, keep the Sky+ box cabled up and use it in the other rooms as you currently do, then use the HDS-600RS as your main box.