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    Channel Changing Question


      Hello All,


      My  cable box is Scientific Atlantic--Explorer4250HDC (which is not on the  SlingBox list of players), much like the SA--Explorer3200HD which is on  the list of Cable Boxes.  They both use the same controllers.


      I  have tried changing channels from remote locations and am having a hard  time doing so.  It usually picks up only the first or second digit i  input.  I have programmed the 3 channel option in setup (i.e: 005).  When I am at home where my slingbox is located, my channels are able to be changed very quickly.


      I  spoke with a tech support gentleman today and he was able to change  channels from his location perfectly.  He stated it may have been a  firewall problem with where I was at at my remote location.


      Im not sure if this is a remote control issue as I was not able to change the channel with the guide option either.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Hi DMoore24,


          It seems that you are having some issues trying to control the Scientific Atlanta box attached to your Slingbox PRO-HD.


          Considering the provided information, I encourage you to run the A/V source configuration one more time and use the "Cisco 4250HDC" or "Cisco 4250SDC" as possible options. If none of them work, I encourage you to test all the available Scientific Atlanta IR codes in order to determine which one will allow you to control this specific box. You can also check this link in order to get further details:


          Finding your video source


          Hope this helps,