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    Set up for load balancing router

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      Good afternoon.  I am having trouble with the set up when using a load balancing router (TP-Link R470T+).  The area I live in has only one internet provided available (CentryLink) and the fastest line offered is a 25/2.   Going into my house I have two different internet lines from them.  I have them connected to the load balancing router which increases my double line into a 50/4 line. I have confirmed via multiple speed tests that this is the speed when connected to my load balanced router however when I connect the Slingbox to the router via a Ethernet line the max I can get is the single speed of an upload of 1.7 not the 4 that is being generated by the load balance.   I have tried everything I can think of in the settings to generate the higher speed with the Slingbox to increase the quality when away from home however nothing seems to work.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.