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    Slingbox Pro - with Airplay - jerky picture every 30 seconds


      Hi there,


      I bought a Slingbox pro recently and was just about to try and find a slingcatcher when I checked to see if I could stream directly from my iphone to apple TV.


      It worked perfectly for about 30 seconds, then the picture jumped and then I had another 30 seconds or perfectness!  Any thoughts as to what causes this issue, is it as simple as my bandwith or if not what else can i do to improve the picture?


      Note - this does not happen on playback on any other media devices, only apple TV



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          stevenf Newbie

          I have the same problem, so I hate to do this but: bump lol. can anyone provide any information on the problem and a fix?!?!



          EDIT: (I hope you get a notification for this) I updated my apple tv to iOS 5 (aTV version 4.4.4) so I could mirror my iPhone 4S.  Well I tried my iPad 1 again and now its not bumbing, and I am very excited (hopefully DirecTV can come back soon to fully setup my Christmas gift lol).  Hope that works for you!


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