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    Stuck on Initializing




      for the first two weeks I was abroad my slingbox solo worked fine, now when I try to connect it just sits at initializing, I see this message in the safari log:


      http://plugin.slingbox.com/installer.js?localeLang=en_UK   the request timed out


      no config has chaged on my laptop or at home, I tried to download the mac slingplayer to connect with IP address but the download page doesnt work


      I tried to contact chat support but it just sits at witing for technician,


      I managed to get a connection last night by tethering my mobile so not sure if some firewall settings have changed through the ISP at my hotel.


      If you cant resolve this please direct me to a working slingplayer dowload



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          Hi mloizou100,


          We understand that you cannot connect to the Slingbox using your Mac, this error message that you are getting seems to be caused by the computer and not the Slingbox. Have you tried to connect using a different computer (Mac/PC)?


          We recommend you to install a different browser like Firefox to determine if the error persists and the issue is just with Safari. After the installation, you should be able to connect again accessing Watch at slingbox.com.


          Hope this helps and let us know how that works.