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    Question/issue for Sling that might help your customers

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      Are you aware that if you use the Windows desktop Slingplayer software to add a Slingbox to your account, but specifying to connect via direct IP address (rather than the Slingbox ID) that although this will show up at watch.com to view, you cannot edit it from your Slingbox directory section on the website because it doesn't show up?


      I think this might be confusing some of your customers.


      I've also noticed that if you add a Slingbox via the website you cannot specify a direct IP address - there simply isn't the option. Are you trying to phase out this option? If so, I think this is a bad idea - for example, I have a Slingcatcher, and since this doesn't have proxy server support I have set up an entry in my Slingbox directory to connect to a local machine on my LAN. This machine runs a small application which 'proxifies' the incoming connection and allows me to run the Slingcatcher through a proxy server, which significantly improves the quality of the picture. If you think this technique will help others with slingcatchers (or indeed any slingplayer client that doesnt have proxy support built in) then i am more than happy to write up an article for you detailing the process. My main point though, is that If you take away the option to specify a direct IP address this would no longer be possible.


      By the way, to further cloud things, there is the option of a direct IP address available via the iOS clients, however (or when I last looked a month or two ago).


      Finally, I have discovered that when I connect to my UK-based Slingbox that has been setup in the directory with a Slingbox ID it connects using SNATT, whereas if I set it up in the directory to use a direct IP address it connects using TCP, which I am of the understanding is the preferred connection method. This is with the Mac web plugin client btw.


      Any idea why this would be?