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    Slingbox Pro does not register on router/reset ineffective




      this is my first time I have had an issue with my Slingbox Pro.  Recently after reconnecting the coaxial cable, power, and network cables, the Slingbox Pro has been not working correctly.  Upon powering the device, the network and power lights immediately light up solid.  The network light does not blink (as it should when attempting to establish a connection to the router).  I looked at the respective port light on the router and it remains unlit. I have attempted to reset the slingbox, but it does not seem to indicate that a reset has been performed (lights show no activity).  I should have mentioned that after attempting to locate the slingbox using the setup software, it is unable to find it. 


      Is my issue indicative of a faulty power supply (it seems to be a rampant problem among Slingbox Pros)?


      (Also, the horseshoe light remains unlit throughout the entire process)