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    Slingbox can not be found on my network


      I've searched both these forums as well as google and whatever forums available for an answer to my problem, but since there was no luck I thought I'd put my problem up here instead.


      I have recently bought Slingbox HD Pro which I spent the better part of a day to set up, as I'm not the most advanced it user.


      Finally got it set up and got a picture on my screen and got my remote set up as well.


      Everything was working on that day, and the following day as well. Went a few days without using it, and today when I wanted to connect I went to slingbox.com and press Watch, whereafter it says it can not find a slingbox connected to my account and ask me for the Slingbox ID. From what I could find online then I could find the ID on the slingplayer (but haven't got that installed), or after I connected then I would find it under options (but since I can't connect then I can't get it from there either).


      Decided to reset the slingbox as some suggested that to other users, and after doing so I wanted to set it up again.


      Now is when my problem really starts.


      I am being told that a slingbox can not being found on my network, and that I should check that both my lights are solid red on the slingbox (which they are), and then I shold check the connection (which I haven't found any problems with). No further suggestions is given, and I'm out of ideas on how to even set up the box now so that I can connect again, and then later on find that slingbox id (which was my original problem).


      Can anyone help me with my problem?


      I havea cisco router which the slingbox is connected to. No wires have been changed since it worked the first day and second day. There's lights is the relevant lights and have tried to reset the router also.

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          Hi slumpmeister,


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO-HD, since you are not able to locate it on your network.


          If the Slingbox shows solid lights, it is working fine. This specific situation allow us to narrow down the root cause for this specific issue.


          There are several factors that might be preventing you from getting the connection to your Slingbox. First, I recommend you to check if the security software is somehow blocking your Slingbox connection:


          Internet security and personal firewalls


          As a second option, you can also check if the Operating System - web browser version combination is not supported. Just check this link:


          What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


          I encourage you to follow these recommendations and let us know how it works for you.



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              I'm jumping in because I have a similar problem only it never set up in the first place - I get the error message 'slingbox can not be found on my network' and I turned off my firewall and antivirus but got the same message.  lights are on on the slingbox and my connections are correct.  I disabled my firewall and antivirus and still could not connect.  I'm using a desktop as my home computer with the router directly connected and it runs XP which I now know does not support Watch for the Slingbox, however I cannot get connected with my laptop that runs Windows 7 (I disable Norton).  Any ideas??

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              Thank you! Yes, I was tearing my hair out on this as well. As per usual, you're given two possibilities - check both lights are on and connections correct. Well yes, that's pretty obvious. Problem is, it doesn't give any other suggestions after that. I, too, bought my Sling secondhand. As this article kindly resolves, it's a simple solution of resetting your Slingbox to factory settings.

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                I have the same problem, cannot find the slingbox on the network or in the setup. Both lights on the front are on, firewall and other security aplications are turned off and I also tried resetting the box to factory settings - and it still doesn't work!

                Any other suggestions?