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    CableVision Remote UR2-CBL-CV04


      Good evening,


      Does anyone have codes for the above remote?  The standard one found does not control the DVR functions.  Thank you in advance for any assistance.


      The cable box is the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD.


      Happy New Year!



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          alanrichey42 Master

          The Remote model is not important.  Did you actually select SA 8300 duriong the setup. ?

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            Hi ACC790533,


            I understand that you are having some issues with your Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR since the remote control does not allow you to access the DVR features.


            Since this device is included on the supported devices list, you need to run the A/V setup one more time. Just make sure to select the specific make and model and the PVR option on the selection menu. This way, you will be able to get all of the available DVR features. I encourage you to follow these indications and let us know how it works for you.



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                I'm having exactly the same problem with no answer.  i did select the scientific atlanta HD8300 but my remote looks differnt from the one shown.  My remote is silver and is the model listed above.  The one shown when you enter HD8300 is black and does nothing.  I also tried inputting all other varients I could think of and going to generic remotes etc., nothing seems to work.  I tried looking it up by supported remotes after running through the A/V setup again.  It was no help.

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                I too have NYC Cablevision, and found that the TIME WARNER CABLE UNIVERSAL Remote will operate all functions of the

                of the SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 8300HD-DVR, As well as the DVR functions.


                When setting up the Solo for the remote, select any SAMSUNG cable box and then select the



                Takes a little getting used to the different buttons, layout, but you get full use of the DVR for your CABLEVISION box.

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                  Thank you IPAT65.... yes it does work.    It would be nice to have the updated DVR enabled remote skin (UR2 CBL CV04) as their are millions of subscribers in the northeast using Cablevision Optimum service with the new Samsung cablebox branded for Optimum.  Bottom line is that the Time Warner Cable Universal Remote does the job fine, but as you said.... your head will spin with all the buttons and complexity of it!


                  Where do Cablevision Optimum subscribers put in requests for adding the UR2 CBL CV04 Remote ???  Is there a request area???

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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      Where do Cablevision Optimum subscribers put in requests for adding the UR2 CBL CV04 Remote ???  Is there a request area???

                      https://community.sling.com/community/enhancement_requests/remote_controls   But be aware it can take months to get it actioned.


                      If you can tell me a built-in remote that actually looks correct, even if it doesn't work, I can build you a Custom Remote that will look right and work !!

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                          The Samsung control for Cablevision Optonline customers that is provided in the set up search does not have the DVR controls.  Optimum has moved to multi room DVR and also upgraded their set to boxes to the new models... the old model ( the one used in the SlingBox set up is UR2-CBL-CV01 ( which does not have the DVR or guide button. )  The PDFs on the two are in the link below....




                          UR2-CBL-CV04.jpgThis is UR2-CBL-CV01 -->CV01.jpg



                          Also some additional information for the record:


                          ISP:  Hamilton Cablevision of NJ (Digital) / Optonline

                          Set Top Box: Samsung SMT-C53200 ( branded for Optonline brand on right side of cable box ) --- Using new Multi-Room DVR with new Samsung box.

                          Remote Needed with DVR functions: UR2-CBL-CV04


                          Current skin in Slingbox Set up is older remote: UR2-CBL-CV01  ( see photos above )


                          Hope this helps. For what it is worth I saw a post that recommended using the Time Warner Cable Universal and it works fine but it is a dizzying maze  of buttons however you can get the new boxes to run fine and even list the DVR selections as well.  Thanks for the suggestion but if you want to move this post to another forum I will leave that to you as the moderator here.

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                              alanrichey42 Master

                              Very comprehensive post that does everything except answer my request    I need to find a built-in remote on the Slingbox that uses that remote image, i.e. maybe one of the other Cablevision boxes ?, and you haven't told me one.   Can you find one ?


                              And BTW, I am NOT a moderator, or anything to do with Sling, just a user like you.