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    Help with error code W201?


      I keep getting error W201.   The slingbox connects, the picture comes up, the remote displays,  then the picture freezes.  It never streams.

      Then it says error W201- try to connect again    does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?

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          i have exactly the same problem, but sorry i have no answer? i wonder if its a password problem with the solo box.



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              I'm getting the same "Lost Connection" code (W201) tonight, after less than a minute following the successful connection to my Slingbox Pro HD.  Not knowing how I can check the quality of my Internet connection back home, I decided to look into the quality of my local Internet connection by running a signal testing app.  This time, though, instead of stopping after one or two tests, I just kept running the tests, one after another.  The first several results returned fast upload and download speeds from remote servers ...then suddenly one of the tests froze midstream — i.e. the app lost its connection to the remote server.  I kept on repeating the speed test, trying different remote servers, with similar results, viz., intermittently the test would freeze midstream during an upload test or during a download test.  At least for now, this experience has me thinking the problem is on my end, not with my Slingbox Pro HD back home.  I suggest you try the same, repeated speed testing to verify that there's definitely no connectivity problem on your end (remotely).