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    Rules in DSL2640T get removed - cant view in slingcatcher

    vg777 Newbie

      In order to enable internet viewing so I may view my slingbox in my slingcatcher, I have had to add a rule in my router and set up port forwarding.


      This works, but in a few days the rule I set up gets deleted and I need to add it again.


      Any suggestions on why this may be happening?


      Thanks in advance. 

        • Re: Rules in DSL2640T get removed - cant view in slingcatcher

          Hi vg777,


          I understand that you are having some issues in order to get the remote connection to your Slingbox using the SlingCatcher since your router deletes the rule you created for Internet Viewing.


          The following third-party link will provide you with the steps to follow in order to know what adjustments to make in your router for Internet Viewing:


          Port Forwarding SlingBox on the Dlink DSL-2640T


          If the issue persists, I encourage you to contact your router provider in order to know if there's any other router setting to adjust in order to avoid this behavior.