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    slingbox solo won't connect with 40' ethernet cable


      My router is in a different room than my TV, but I have an ethernet cable long enough to reach from the router to the TV room.  However, I cannot get the slingbox to connect with the long cable. It will connect with a 6' cable, but obviously I cannot connect the slingbox to the cable receiver from the other room. Can i not use a cable that long?

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          Hi busitech,


          I understand that you have troubles connecting the Slingbox to the network using the 40 ft long Ethernet cable. Using a very long Ethernet cable could caused network problems like the one you are experiencing, we recommend using a power or a wireless bridge instead. Sling Media offers the SlingLink TURBO for this scenarios, it is a power bridge that work really good, have a look at this:


          SlingLink TURBO > How it Works


          Even though the Slingbox does not support using a Cat5 cable that long, probably, a Cat6 cable should not give you that type of issues since the performance of this cable is better than the Cat5's.


          Hope this helps.