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    Uk Slingbox classic resets during digital scanning


      I have 2 Classic slingboxes whixh have been connected but not accessed for a few months. Within a few minutes of accessing them yesterday, both reset themselves to factory state and needed to be set up from scratch.


      The boxes were initially set up when we just changed over from analoge to digital and no problems at all for a few months without a problem.


      They can be set up for composite input or analoge TV without a problem. During digital scanning they get about half way, stop scanning and then reset themselves. The place where the reset occurs can be altered by changing the country setting but I have yet to find a country setting than allows the scan to continue all the way through.


      My guess from other posts is that there is a situation where if the box comes across a signal that it doesn't understand for that country, it gets stck and is then reset by an internal watchdog timer.


      I imagine that chnages to video formats as the UK switches to digital are beyond the scope of this box but instead of skipping unrecognised formats it just freezes.


      Has anybody come across a fix for this problem as there is no software update avaiable so I guess the guys at Sling are not interested and there are a lot of posts about it in various forums.