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    Not able to connect to Slingbox


      We have had our slingbox for a year, and although we have had some problems, it has generally worked well.  Last night, while watching football on ESPN, the Slingbox quit.  We have not been able to reconnect either on our TV through our Slingcatcher or on our computer.  The software starts up, and the screen with the remote control and tv guide come up, but the viewing area is black.  We get no video or audio, although along the bottom of the screen it says it is streaming. 

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          Hi dguidos,


          I understand that you are not able to connect to the Slingbox right now. It's necessary to determine if you only have this trouble remotely or at the Slingbox location as well. If the issue is only remotely (at home it works), I recommend you to have a look at this article:


          Solving general problems with Internet Viewing - look here first


          If you are not able to connect to the Slingbox on the same network (at home), you can Reset the Slingbox to factory settings and then run the Setup at slingbox.com to see if that works.


          Let us know if this helps.



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            chakkarinen Apprentice

            I have a Slingbox connected to a digital video recorder, which gets the TV signal from a cable box.   I had a similar problem that started in December and extended into this month -- the sling viewing windows all show that streaming was occuring but the image was blank.   I was finally able to determine the problem this week with a personal visit to the place where the SB is installed -- turns out that the cable box had turned off, possibly due to a large windstorm knocking out power and afterward the DVR and SB restarted normally, but the cable box did not.   Once I manually turned the cable box back on, normal viewing operations resumed.


            Hopefully, the cable box will stay on, but should I notice the problem again, I can at least call the building manager who has a key to my SB location to go inside and restart the cable box.  It may also be possible for the cable TV service provider to issue a remote command over their coax to restart the cable box.