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    May be coming back to Sling, Classic Player vs slingbox.com


      Hi,  I was a slingbox user for a number of years and a beta tester.   I had the classic and the solo.  I sold my solo about a year or 2 ago.  Anyway... I have a need to watch something remotely from one place in the Denver Area to another place and just purchased a Pro-HD.  I haven't hooked it up yet.  The place I'm setting up the slingbox from has a 2-4Mbs upload.   The place I'm watching from has 65Mbs download.  I want to get the highest video/sounds quality possible over the internet.  I will be watching primarily on a Windows 7 64-bit PC, but also on ipad and blackberry occasionally.  I guess my question is...   Which player is better right now?  When I left, the web player wasn't too good.  I used the classic desktop player mostly.  It seems like Sling is pushing the web-player now, but is i truly better?   I don't really like having to leave a browser open and would prefer a standalone client, unless the web player is better.

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          I had been using the Slingbox AV for years and loved it - would watch it on my computer at work and on my Smartphone.  Just laid out $299 for the HD version because my daughter's Boxee Box wouldn't talk to the older Slingbox.  Boxee box works now but the web based viewer is not impressing me.  Can't seem to set it to a small PIP type video only window that you can have playing off to the side of your computer screen while working on a project at work.  The pop-up viewer has so much extra stuff around it that the screen has to be twice as big as needed.  Fortunately my older Slingplayer software is still working on this computer and will work with my new HD Slingbox, but don't know how much longer they will support it.  I'll be sticking with the classic player for now.