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    Suggestion for Slinbox Slingplayers; Thumbnail & Stay On Top Functions




      I have had the original classic slingbox since about 2004 and recently replaced this burned out unit this month (December 2011) with the new Slingbox Solo.


      I also have the software for my Android phone.


      I work for the U.S. Air Force and there is a similar TV software available for government users only within the government network(s). Although the government software is limited to only NEWS Channels and Government Videos and does not connect to home units. The government software has a unique feature for this software has that the Slingplayer currently does not have. I think these features would make a great addition to the current Slingplayer(s) software:


      1. A "Thumbnail Feature"; This allows you to have a small screen that can be moved around within your computer screen.




      2. A "Stay on Top Feature"; An additional feature that allows your Minimized Screen or the above Thumbnail to "Stay on Top" of all of your internet screens while surfing the net. This screen never moves unless you move it and remains on top of all other internet screens.



      These features would be excellent additions to Slingplayer for the internet and / or the new Facebook Slinplayer App.


      I have had my Slingbox for a long time and did not hessitate to purchase a new one when my old unit burned out.


      Please contact me if you have any question concerning my suggestions above.


      Raymond Ward

      Primary e-mail: ray4ward1@gmail.com


      Secondary e-mail: ray4ward@sbcglobal.com

      Cell Phone; (707) 685-5315