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    poor internet connection error 202


      I'm on vacation staying at the same place with no changes in computer or internet connection service. Last year I was able to watch my slingbox with no proble, this year I get the message that it is being disconnected due to a poor internet connection. A call home found that the Slingbox hooked up and workingas it was accessable on my home computer. Any ideas as to why this problem is occurring?

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          Hi slingmandan,


          I noticed that you are experiencing this trouble to connect to the Slingbox only remotely since it's working properly at the Slingbox location. It's necessary to determine if you have a network restriction at your remote location; I recommend you to connect to the Slingbox using a different network and if the issue persists, it will be necessary to run the Setup on Slingbox.com at home to enable Internet Viewing again. After doing this, you should be able to connect to the Slingbox remotely from anywhere. You can find more information about this issue here:


          Solving general problems with Internet Viewing - look here first



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              I am running into the same problem (can view it on my home newtork, but not away via the internet).  System had been working fine, but my internet provider recently came out to provide me with a new modem, one that can handle 30Mpb downloads.  I have followed all the steps to configure like you inidicated, but still no luck.  I have tried to manually configure my Netgear WNR2002v2 Router with the Port Forwarding settings, but it still does not get recognized.  Any other suggestions/recommendations?

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                  Hi chadwick178,


                  I'm assuming that the Internet Viewing test is not going through, right?


                  Have you checked if the modem needs also to be setup for Internet Viewing. Even though you already did the router setup, check on the default gateway of it to determine if you get a public or a private IP address. On that router, please access "router status", there you will see the default gateway IP address; if the IP starts with 10, 192 or 172; it will be necessary to access the modem's interface and set it up as well, have a look at this link:


                  Help setting up Internet Viewing when you have multiple routers


                  Hope it helps, regards