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    Cannot get started


      I just bought a slingbox and slingplayer on my android phone.  I hooked up my box to my cable box and internet router.  I get both the power light and internet red light lit up on my box.  When I got to access my slingbox on slingplayer it says "There are no slingboxes in your sling account.  Tap help to see how to add them to your sling account," but i do not see a help button.. I then went to the slingbox website to try adding my box and it asks my for a ID# but i cannot find that 32# long serial number.  Can i access the box just using my phone or do I need to use a computer?  Please help.  Thanks!

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          loganzuber Newbie

          First time setup MUST be completed on a pc connected to the same network as your slingbox.  Also a supported browser must be used (IE, firefox and finally chrome too).  once this runs and completes the internet connection test (what allows it to work on your mobile) you are all set.  Good luck as some of this can be very confusing