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    Slingbox on boxee


      I can not get the boxee to play the Slingbox app in full screen. All my other aps play in full screen.


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          Hi Cjdecuir,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for Boxee box application since you cannot get the full screen.


          As the first step, I recommend you to turn off and turn back on the Boxee box. If the issue persists, try to uninstall and reinstall the SlingPlayer for Boxee box application one more time.


          Make sure to follow these recommendations and let us know how it works for you.



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            Did you get an answer?  I have the same problem.

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              Same issue as described by other posters.  I tried playing with the resolution settings on my slingbox pro hd via the windows application but to no avail.  The resolution remains at 640*480 regardless as to what I set it at or what I set the quality to on the boxxee app itself.  I get a very small picture on my tv which is somewhat remedied by the aspect button but there are big black horizontal borders still remaining on screen.  Given that people have reported the application has now disappeared from the apps list in Boxee I don't think a re-install is an option.

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                Mine was full screen last week.. But today it is small.. Don't know why either


                Going to get a sling catcher if this stuff keeps up

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                    Heres what I found on boxer.. My sling box is in the family room while my boxee is in another. If I start the sling player app while the other main system is off.... Then I don't get full screen. If I turn my uverse box on then the boxeE disconnects video and comes back full screen.


                    So when my box is truly physically on .. I get full screen from the boxee app

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                        Now that I am not on my iphone...maybe I can be more clear.


                        My STB (set top box) output to my AVR and my SBPro is directly connected to my STB via component... When I access the slingplayer app from my boxee with my AVR off the screen is not full screen or full res.. looks pretty blocky at times. Once I power on my AVR the picture is full screen and full res on my other TV thur the boxee...  I'm not about to disconnect the mess of wires I have to bypass my AVR and see if I get full screen.. I would assume I would... something about my AVR being off makes the boxee not full screen.