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    Directv - (2) HR21 remote codes - can't control 00003


      So I have searched the forum and have tried to follow the postings, but past postings appear program based (SW program which would reside on PC) and everything now appears to be web-based controlled.   I was able to set up one of my HR21's successfully with the standard remote - but the other HR21 (located in same video closet) is on a different remote access code and none of the published codes seem to work w/o changing the other HR21.   I downloaded the codes from suggested reading- but there was no related folder to place the bin files or have them uploaded to try any of the suggestions from late 2010/early 2011.   When I try and use the  remote manger and option to import a file it is looking for a .lyz file or something close to that...which none of the 8 files I downloaded have that associated file name.


      Are there any options for me?    I would like the option to change sources should someone be using the related tv on the other HR21


      thanks for suggestions.