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    Network light blinking...Slingbox not working


      Let me start by saying that I do NOT want Slingbox techies simply to send me a link to the troubleshooting guides or the basic info. on the support page about what to do when the network light is blinking. I already know how to read and follow those steps, and I have done so, multiple times. I have reset the Slingbox back to its "original factory settings" at least 25 times. I have pushed the button for one second, I have pushed the button for five seconds, I have pushed the button for 5-10 seconds, I have pushed the button for 10 seconds, I have pushed the button for 30 seconds, and I have pushed the button for 1 minute and 20 seconds, per several different sets of instructions and different troubleshooting steps I have found on Slingbox's website. I tried all of this nearly a year ago, but to no avail. The whole thing was disconnected for several months, and I am now trying it again.


      It's a Slingbox Pro-HD, and I have it connected directly to my router. I used to use the Sling Links, but to simplify matters, I moved the Slingbox to a different room of the house so that I could connect it directly to the router.


      After countless troubleshooting efforts several months ago, I have tried today to treat it like a brand new device, but I can't get past something like step 2 of the setup process. I get the power light to come on, but when I connect the Slingbox to the router, I can't get any further. The network light blinks sporadically, and the red horseshoe light even blinks sporadically, but the network light never comes on solid. There is obviously some problem in the communication between the Slingbox and the router. I tried changing the port number from 5001 to 443, per a suggestion from tech support when I had trouble with it two years ago, but that didn't work either, Then I deleted the Slingbox from the list of devices on the router's page, then reset the router back to its factory settings. The Slingbox was at that point completely unplugged, so I reconnected it all again from scratch. Still didn't work. I tried the "hard reset," doing the power cycling while holding down the reset button, and it still didn't work. Basically all I can get is a network light that blinks sporadically and a horseshoe light that comes on and blinks sporadically from time to time. I am completely stuck, and I need help!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I would suggest trying to program your router to assign the static IP address 192.168.x.254 to the MAC address for your SB BEFORE you power up the SB.  (where X is the third set of digits in the IP address of your router).   After doing that, then forward the port 5001 to that assigned static IP address for the SB. 


          After doing that, then reboot the router and power up the SB, and see if you can now run the SB setup routine again.

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            nethawk7 Newbie

            I had the same problem, as do so many people dealing with this issue – which generally can be attributed to an inherently defective power supply. On eBay, I suggest that you go to a store called “TopPowerAC” and purchase the power supply unit that they sell for your model slingbox. (I have a Pro-HD.) It should cost you around $10. I plugged in their unit and my issues were resolved immediately! It might be worthwhile for you to try this as well.


            (As a public service, I am posting my reply in multiple discussions because of the prevalence of this problem.)

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              nethawk7 Newbie

              Yet another possible solution.

              From Amazon, I purchased a “Hosa ACD477 AC 100-240V Multi Voltage DC Adaptor” for $13. Going up the voltage meter, at 7.5v I was able to get a steady network light. Just make sure that you set the internet slingbox viewer to “auto” quality because it seems to take awhile for the internet signal to attain a sufficient speed for a higher resolution picture.