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    Slingbox Solo - no logo light, dim network light, solid power light.


      Hi - has anyone seen this?  I have had this SB for 3 plus years.  It's given me issues here and there but I have been able to reset/fix it no problem.  Since Christmas it hasn't been working.  It is not seen on my network, however, my network is working fine - I have reset my router, modem, used different network cables, tested the cables etc and also tried resetting the SB but holding down the reset button does NOTHING.  The dim network light blinks a little, but again it's very dim.  I have followed all instruction on SB's website.  I called support but don't really want to pay 29.99 to have them do all the things i've already done.


      Does anyone have any other suggestions?


      Thank you!!!!!!!!